Recruitment and Labour Scarcity: Strategies

Do you have vacancies but cannot attract enough candidates? Maybe you need some recruitment strategies. Here are some suggestions to attract future employees.

Your employees as recruiters
This is a neglected source that can prove to be a winner. “As an employer, you have to help your employees help you recruit,” explains Stéphane Simard, CHRP, author and speaker. The company can, for example, reward employees who suggest candidates or who relay job postings to their networks.

Be aware that using your employees is an investment. “A study has shown that people who are recommended by a good employee are 25% more productive at work,” adds Stéphane Simard. In addition, most of these people come to work already knowing the employer’s expectation, the work environment and the corporate culture.

Stand out on social media and on the web
“Don’t repeat the traditional newspaper job offer,” says Stéphane Simard. He suggests going rather with a humorous tone, launching a contest with a reward (gift card), using a different language.

In addition, always have a “careers” or “jobs” tab on your company’s website which, at minimum, leads to a short description of the good reasons to work in your company. Don’t forget to include the contact information to send applications.

Approach “other” workers
Among these “others” there are retirees and experienced workers. There are specialized portals where you can post your needs.

There are also students. Besides posting on the traditional bulletin boards and job centres in schools, CEGEPs and universities, you can make presentations in targeted classes, offer one-day internships or sponsor events for students.

Finally, the pool of people with physical or mental disabilities can also fill your needs. “There are several organizations and resources in reinsertion and employability in Quebec, such as the ROSEF, which can help employers meet their needs,” says Stéphane Simard.

The time when there was a pile of resumes on the desk is well and truly over… you now have to be active and ingenious to recruit those rare gems!

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