New : Employees Rate Their Employers

A brand new Internet site of its kind has made its debut… The appropriately-named .ca allows one to evaluate, in only a few clicks and in total anonymity, a company in virtually any industry. The website’s slogan says it all: “Who said background checks and Pre-Employment Screenings should be reserved to employers only?” leverages its use of Web 2.0. The platform is sustained by the comments of employees who wish to publicly share their work experiences for the benefit of job-seekers in their search. Each evaluation consists of rating the employer on a scale of 1 to 5 stars according to various criteria: compensation and benefits, balance of work/family life, atmosphere, internal communication, possibilities for advancement, etc. Average scores for each category are calculated along with an overall score in order to determine the highest ranking employers by province or by industry.

Only a few weeks after its online launch, collected more than 1500 evaluations on 600 companies. The comments relate to large companies, such as Ernst&Young, Ubisoft, Research in Motion, Royal Bank of Canada, but also to SMBs. “Beyond the general enthusiasm for the site and the high quality of the comments received, which is very encouraging, there seems to be a real balance between positive and negative opinions,” delights Manuel de Francisci, founder of was created by the web editor of Careers Inc., founder of the job search engine as well as numerous specialized employment sites (,,, etc.), leaders of the field in Canada.


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