Personal devices at work: far from being a problem for businesses


Half of Canadian companies say that their employees use a personal cell phone and/or tablet at work. This is an advantage in the eyes of executives if we are to believe the recent study by Avanade, global integrator of technological solutions. 


There was nothing objectionable about employees using their cell phone or tablet at their workplace in the eyes of IT managers and executives interviewed for the Avanade survey. Quite the contrary – this new use would have a beneficial effect on employee productivity and commitment.

For basic tasks

In Canada, 54% of companies (compared to 61% worldwide) report that a majority of their employees now use their own mobile devices at the workplace. For the moment it would be a rather basic use for 46% of companies, with smartphones being used to consult emails, online documents and the professional agenda. For tablets, use is more nuanced. 31% of Canadian companies report that a majority of their employees use them for basic tasks, while 31% also are in favour of more advanced usage (customer relationship management, project management, content creation or even data analysis).

Positive effects

These new uses are redefining the way work is done internally. Companies will be setting up new procedures to adapt to work done via mobile devices. In Canada, 69% of companies have modified at least one business procedure, whether in IT management, sales and marketing, human resources or customer service. Companies that have capitalized the most on the progress of these new devices are already seeing effects in terms of profit, product development and employee satisfaction.


ScreenHunter_04-Feb-08-10-22.jpgData security


C-level executives and IT managers interviewed have a different view, however, of integrating personal mobile devices into the professional spere. 71% of executives think that their employees can perform their duties outside the office, which is 39% higher than the percentage found among IT managers. Pragmatic, the latter are more concerned about the issue of data security. Work therefore remains to be done so that employees can work from home but with full security for the company.

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