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Training Analyst

April 28 2020
Industries Non-profit organisation - NPO
Categories Govt., NPO, Social & Community Work, HR, Training, Training - Development - Improvement
Toronto, ON


The OFIFC is an award winning leader in culture-based management providing innovative research, policy, training and community development to 29 Friendship Centres and other urban Indigenous service providers across Ontario. Located in downtown Toronto, the OFIFC engages all levels of government and mainstream agencies.

OFIFC is a purpose-driven organisation which offers unique and challenging work. A rewarding and enriching career awaits if you are skilled at critical thinking, building relationships, take personal accountability for getting things done and enjoy working as part of a team to collaboratively solve problems.


To ensure the effectiveness and stability of various OFIFC training initiatives through analysis and, evaluation that integrates Indigenous teaching and learning approaches, according to the OFIFCs pedagogical framework and in support of the Original Peoples learning Centre (OPLC).

A job description is below.


  • Postsecondary degree in education in Education or Evaluation, or related discipline combined with evaluation experience;
  • 2-3 years of experience in an analyst or evaluation-related position in a community and/or training and learning setting;
  • Experience working with Indigenous communities
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to document clearly and succinctly for internal and external audiences, ensuring unbiased methodologies;
  • Experience developing assessments and evaluations of varying scope using data base systems and applying both qualitative and quantitative methods to analysis;
  • Knowledge of training and curriculum development and design;
  • Understanding of issues impacting Indigenous learners and ability to implement Indigenous pedagogies and worldviews, and trauma-informed approaches and;
  • Criminal Reference Clearance (CPIC) and Vulnerable Sector Clearance are requirements of the employment offer

Job Description


Core Competencies:

  • Culture - Takes personal responsibility to increase sensitivity, awareness, and implementation of OFIFC’s Neha (bundle) including foundational teachings and organisational practices in both professional conduct and work-related deliverables.

  • Accountability - Takes personal ownership and responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work commitments.

  • Critical Thinking - Applies systematic, logical reasoning when addressing problems or situations in order to arrive at an appropriate solution or outcome.

  • Building Relationships and Strategic Partnerships - Builds, develops and sustains business relationships / strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial, reciprocal, and grounded in trust and respect. It is recognising we are all interdependent and working towards the common good of the organisation.

  • Results Orientation - Accomplishes established goals, delivers the outcomes required and achieves the results. It includes the efficient and effective use of all resources (time, financial, people and technology).

  • Teamwork and Collaboration - Works collaboratively with others and addresses conflict in a win-win productive manner. This includes a mindset of sharing with others whether it is knowledge, recognition, information and skills. Working towards a common purpose for the good of OFIFC and the communities of people it serves.

  • Communication - Effectively delivers information in a transparent, honest, and clear manner. It includes actively listening, comprehending and responding appropriately when interacting with people. It is about being respectful when expressing opinions and points of view.

    Behavioural Competencies:

    • Strong Analytical Thinking
    • Time Management
    • Collaborative Team Player
    • Planning and Organising


    Work Environment:

    Works in a safe and suitable office environment with mid to high-level computer use often performing multiple tasks with simultaneous deadlines. Works within a team setting.

    Working Hours:

    Overtime required during peak periods and when workload necessitates. The job may require occasional provincial travel (e.g. to FC) and/or regular local travel (e.g. committee meetings or workshops). Travel timing is flexible and planned in advance.

    Works a 40 hour work week. The job may require regular long distance and/or frequent local travel, occasionally outside of regular business hours.



    To plan, design and implement training and learning assessments, and evaluations that are aligned with OFIFC’s long-range strategic plan and undertake research and analysis of training initiatives, and accredited programs that work towards the achievement of improved outcomes for urban Indigenous peoples.

    Key Contacts/Relationships:


    Primarily communicates with the Training Director for direction and supervision and is responsive to the Training Manager. Communicates regularly with the Training workgroup. and all other OFIFC workgroups for the purposes of exchanging information, integrating and collaborating.


    Communicates with Friendship Centres/Delivery Sites, learners, workshop participants and consultants for the purposes of sharing project information, reporting, providing feedback and collaborating.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation (75%):

    • Gathering, classifying, and assessing data; conducting relevant analysis on the effectiveness of internal approaches to training and learning;
    • Incorporating OFIFC cultural values, established metrics and standardised benchmarks into analysis and evaluation;
    • Contributes to the development of learner assessments and grading tools that reflect Indigenous pedagogical approaches, and meet program quality assurance standards;
    • Supports the design, development, and editing of training and learning initiatives based on evaluative findings;
    • Prepares needs assessments and evaluation-related publications for internal and/or public distribution
    • Monitors and evaluates the quality and integrity of data, by reviewing utilized methods in the generation of needs assessments and evaluation and identifies and resolves issues;
    • Promotes recognition of Indigenous culture-based initiatives, including OIFIFCs evaluation path, evaluation framework, and pedagogical framework:
    • Coordinates the development of reports that summarize and present data to inform decisions about projects, programs and initiatives underway;
    • Supports the development of the OPLC as directed; and
    • Prepares and participates in the delivery of training and workshops as relevant to area of specialisation;

    Collaboration and Support (20%):

    • Provides a multitude of culture-based training and evaluation supports to Friendship Centres based upon communicated needs, identified action items and an analysis of current issues as required;
    • Works in partnership with key OFIFC personnel in the review, evaluation, revision and enhancement of existing and future training and learning initiatives
    • Engages with elders and Friendship Centres on learner assessment models, needs assessments, and evaluation design
    • Promotes internal integration, professional development and the establishment of local partnerships in support of enhanced training and learning service delivery to urban Indigenous populations;

    Other (5%):

    • Maintains and upgrades professional skills;
    • Promotes a healthy, safe work environment; and
    • Performs other duties, related to the position, as assigned by the Executive Director or designate. network