Multinationals that are good to work for


NetApp, SAS, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Mariott or even FedEx… Some large companies are distinguished by offering their employees well-regarded working conditions. This commendable feature is highlighted each year by the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” ranking.

25 companies, each with more than 5,000 employees, are benefiting since last November 16 from recognition as a “Great Place to Work”, a valued recognition rewarding initiatives taken regarding professional equality, innovation and respect for people within the company’s organization.


Ideas in the service of employees

The criteria for qualifying for this award are conspicuous by their requirement: each company must display their credentials by providing proof of being at the head of five national lists worldwide, coming directly from their employees. This is a major challenge which has been able to be met by some thirty eight companies among the three hundred participants.

However, the best work stands out for the twenty five multinational in projects serving the daily needs of their staff. From “Water cooler talk” set up by SAS, freely bringing together employees and the CEO, to the monthly TOAST (Training On Special Things) integration program established by NetApp, intended to raise awareness on adopting good work practices, the efforts undertaken by the contestant multinationals can serve as a suggestion box for companies of all sizes and all industries.

It should be noted that within the scope of the working comfort that they provide their employees, these multinationals have together created 120,000 jobs around the world.



The “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” ranking for 2012:



1. Sas

2. Google

3. NetApp

4. Kimberly-Clark

5. Microsoft

6. Marriott

7. FedEx Express

8. W.L. Gore & Associates

9. Diageo

10. Autodesk

11. PepsiCo

12. Ernst & Young

13. Telefónica

14. Monsanto

15. Intel

16. National Instruments

17. General Mills

18. American Express

19. Accor

20. McDonalds

21. Cisco

22. Novo Nordisk

23. Quintiles

24. SC Johnson

25. Mars

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