McDonald’s explodes its own hiring record

McDonald’s regularly organizes recruiting events on one day in order to find new employees. On April 6, close to 9,000 people were hired across Canada.


8,920 people were hired by McDonald’s during a flash recruiting day on April 6, well above the 7,000 that were hoped for by the fast food chain. Several types of position were involved, such as restaurant manager, chef, team member and host. The new arrivals will follow the training necessary to acquire the skills and personal qualities they need in their functions, including communications, problem solving and the ability to work in a team.

The event in numbers

44,392 candidates took advantage of this recruiting day to try their luck, which means about 20% of them found a job. 3,018 of them were hired in Ontario, 3,471 in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, and 2,431 in the rest of the country. The Group organizes these flash recruiting days once a year and through them has found more than 36,000 new employees since 2011 who have joined one of the 1,400 restaurants across Canada.

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