Jobg8 network launches in Canada

Started in Great Britain in April 2008, has just announced the launch of Jobg8 Canada. The platform is an intermediary to optimize the distribution of job ads. Job boards can be “job sources” and distribute their job postings to appropriate sites in the network. The boards pay per qualified application received. They can control which sites their jobs are distributed to, the price paid, and the maximum number of applications received. Only job boards can be a job source for the Jobg8 network, not client companies directly.

“Applicant sources” can be job boards or any other type of site. Being an applicant source means receiving jobs postings from Jobg8 and being paid for each qualified application delivered to the network. Applications are sent directly to the source site.

Finally, Jobg8 can provide a personalized search engine to sites that do not yet have a job section.

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