Jobboard Finder arrives in America

A few months after its launch in Europe, the French site Jobboard Finder is now available on this side of the Atlantic. Boasting to be “the biggest online job board encyclopaedia,” it allows recruiters to select the best platforms to reach candidates.


It is sometimes difficult for recruiters to navigate among the multiple sites offering existing jobs, especially for those who recruit internationally. To overcome this problem, Aktor Interactive, a specialist in online recruitment, has developed a solution for professionals looking for jobs sites that are best suited to their needs.


“We noticed that recruiters needed a tool that could compare the performance of different job sites to help them in their decision making process,” says Francis Boutray, CEO at Aktor Interactive.



Specifically, Jobboard Finder hosts more than 500 employment opportunity sites worldwide. Human Resources professionals can select sites of general nature, or industry-specific if they so desire, as well as their geographic reach. Each site contains a detailed 4-page presentation including the rates being charged, the number of visitors and the type of audience reached. Contact information for job postings is also provided. Aktor Interactive also ensures information is verified by team members. No job board profile is published if it is not complete.


If online board aggregators already exist, this comparator is the first to explode onto the scene. To assess the performance of the listed sites, Jobboard Finder is affiliated with comScore, the global leader in web measurement and analytics.



For now, Jobboard Finder is the reference for 33 sites in Canada and 109 in the United States. In all, there are 126 countries that are currently represented. There is a major advantage for all local companies that must fill positions by recruiting abroad. Determining which site to use is a particularly difficult task when you know neither the language nor the habits of locals looking for a job.


Access to Jobboard Finder is available through subscription. The introductory price is about 300 Canadian dollars. The minimum fare will later be $365, a high price that is explained by Aktor Interactive’s desire to target an audience of HR professionals, and not job seekers. However, that fare could quickly payoff through numerous savings. In fact, choosing wrong job sites is a major waste of money and time for a company. In a context of increased competition from the shortage of labour in some sectors, using a tool like Jobboard Finder may just get you ahead of the competition.

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