Job Interviews Trends in 2018 According to LinkedIn

Are structured hiring interviews still useful? According to the LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends 2018 report, they are still always or very frequently used (74%) and rated as fairly or very effective (88%). However, 56% of respondents are also of the opinion that it can be done “better”… How is the practice of the job interview to be updated? Lights on interviews trends in 2018.

Inability to eliminate interviewer bias (42%), difficulty identifying candidate’s weaknesses (57%) and especially insufficient identification of soft skills (63%) – these are the main shortcomings of the job interview, according to the LinkedIn survey conducted among 9,000 recruiters from 39 countries. So what are the new job interviews trends to opt for in 2018?

The “new” interview: innovations

Online assessments (59%)

Will a charismatic candidate who looks good be a higher performer? Is a cumulative average of 4.1 enough to identify the next team manager? Of course not! As a first step, online assessments can be used to properly qualify the candidates personality (and soft skills) in order to detect those who have more potential, as well as to better guide the questions of a future meeting.

Auditions (54%)

For compensation, the most promising candidates are invited to solve real or fictitious cases relevant to the company for a whole day. Recruiters are thus able to assess the candidates in action. It’s hard to find a better context to learn what makes candidates tick!

Informal meetings (53%)

Instead of at the office, the recruiter decides to meet the candidate in a restaurant or café, places that are more conducive to informal conversation and natural behaviour. Walt Bettinger, CEO of Charles Schwab, admits to sometimes even conniving with the place so that there is a mistake on the candidate’s order. Their reaction tells him a lot about their personality…

Tests in augmented reality (28%)

Instead of hearing the candidate describe what he would do in such a situation, the recruiter simulates it virtually, then observes his behaviour. Intention and reality can be worlds apart!

Video interviews (18%)

For jobs where presentation is important, video interviews give the truth to recruiters. Since they are simple to organize and don’t involve any travel, they offer more latitude in selecting candidates. We might not have brought in a candidate with a particular career history, but what does it cost to schedule a video interview?

According to the LinkedIn report, these five innovations make it possible to have a more accurate picture of the candidate’s personality (69%), foresee a better match between the candidate and the position (59%), reduce bias (47%) and reduce the risk of lies (26%).

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