Interview with Julie Hubert, founder of Workland

On the web since January, Workland wants to "revolutionize" online recruitment by measuring the degree of compatibility between a company and its candidates. An interview with Julie Hubert, founder of this new web platform.


What differentiates Workland from the swarm of online recruitment sites already in existence?

We built a niche business. In addition to the services we offer to the candidates, we also help employers accelerate and facilitate their recruitment process. We screen qualified candidates according to the employer’s expectations. Thanks to our automated system, recruiters have access to a pool of pre-qualified candidates and, in seconds, can see those that are most compatible with the job. 











How can you guarantee to recruiters that you will find a gem among all the candidates?
Applicants complete a comprehensive online profile and we analyze those results in parallel with the needs of the business. Our algorithm allows us to assess the compatibility level between the candidate's profile and that of the position that is being filled. The system ranks candidates based on the compatibility percentage, which allows employers to focus on evaluating only the best candidates for the job.

If a recruiter is interested in working with Workland, how should one proceed?
We offer different packages to employers. We invite them to visit our website and contact us. Once the recruiter has filled his online profile, they will automatically have access to the bank of potentially interesting candidates. Thereafter, there is no obligation, for either the candidate or the employer.

Are there participation costs involved?
Employers must pay annual fees to join, but those remain insignificant compared to the traditional recruitment process costs. In general, recruiters save between $ 5,000 and $ 25,000 through our services. This membership allows them to display as many items as they wish, at no extra cost. If a candidate is hired, the recruiter will repay us a commission.

Are there particular fields of activities which Workland specializes in?
We focus on company professionals. We primarily work in executive and senior management placements.

Has Workland met the expectations of employers thus far?
The employers’ responses are really positive. The results are delivered to you since we have significantly reduced the hiring time down to just a few weeks, a time which can typically vary anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

What’s next for Workland?
Initially, we wanted to work with a small number of employers to refine our offer and our technology. We are now very clear in our growth phase. Today, our technology is stabilized, which allows us to go further. We literally wish to put Workland entirely into the hands of recruiters. We hope to "recruit" more, particularly by offering attractive pricing packages.

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