How to retain the best?

In today’s times, where workforces are volatile, companies have incentives to improve their offers in order to retain the most talented employees. Here are some influential factors that improve the retention of workers.



It has been proven: Workers are happier at work when their employers show some flexibility. Several factors can contribute to that satisfaction:


  • Giving employees some leeway in terms of their working hours; keeping them at their own pace or changing it up due to family obligations.
  • Accepting telecommuting at least on a part time basis, whether the schedules are set up in advance or not.
  • Facilitating the work/family balance by having a certain tolerance for the unexpected (providing some parental leave during the year, for example, or allowing the employee to bring work home to honour his or her appointments).



It is important to reinforce positive views of employees about their work and foster their sense of belonging to the company, thanks to measures like these:


  • Establishing reward or achievement recognition programs.
  • Urging managers to positively supervise their staff.
  • Providing opportunities for workers to become shareholders or partners in the business.



Workers may want to change employers when they feel they have to carefully tread water. To remedy this problem, the company must provide mechanisms to promote the professional development of its employees by:


  • Establishing an accessible program of promotions.
  • Making sure positions are accompanied by responsibilities that match the employees who occupy them and offer new challenges to their current skills. 
  • Supporting the continuing education of employees, with flexibility in work schedules and financial contributions to their relevant advancement in business studies.


Improving working conditions

Providing employees with a competitive salary is of course one of the most important factors to counter unwanted departures, but money is not the only decisive factor for workers. Maximizing the benefits, such as increased annual vacation days or a generous medical and dental care program is an option to consider when attracting and retaining good employees.



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