How Can HR Add Value to the Company?

HR is often reduced to a supporting role for other divisions of the company. But it plays a much more strategic role and is increasingly being asked to add value to the company. Here are several avenues to transform its support so that HR participates in the company’s standing.

Creativity in recruiting

The field of hiring is obviously a part of HR’s tasks, but in the context of labour shortages, recruitment of new talents is a real headache.

According to Julie Malouin, CHRP and human resources senior consultant at the Philippe-Pinel National Institute for Forensic Psychiatry, for a HR professional to contribute to making the company dynamic in terms of recruitment, he has to be original and creative. “Everyone is fighting over the same resources,” she says. “In the health field, we all want to recruit nurses. So we need to put in place techniques that are more original, more effective and less costly to attract new employees.”

HR must use new and innovative strategies to attract potential candidates and let their company stand out to recruit the best candidates. For example, “the Institute has opened its doors to potential candidates by organizing guided tours of the environment followed by screening interviews,” says Ms. Malouin. “The event was a real success that was concluded by many people being hired.”

Fostering employee happiness

HR professionals also play a key role in well-being at work. More and more companies are asking them to be more proactive in this field, since a motivated employee who uses his full potential will be more fulfilled.

Many companies are repositioning HR work in this regard, having them work more closely with employees. According to Julie Malouin, the human aspect is the main contribution of HR. “A happy employee performs better. He stays longer with the company. The organization benefits from these talents and their knowledge. And if he feels good, he will generally speak well of his organization, which favours recruitment…”

Beneficial support

To favour employee development, several companies also use surveys. HR collects the data and supports managers in the transitions that need to be made. Everyone benefits from these measures.

To sum up, HR can really add value to the company by keeping the employee central to their concerns. By adapting to the new realities of the world of work with a bold approach they also contribute to strengthening the company’s brand image.

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