You’re Hired

Hire has finally arrived! A Google brainchild, it was first launched in the US in 2017 for companies using G suite and is now available in Canada and the UK.

What is Hire? Hire is a recruiting app that integrates with G suite apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar. What does it do? It enables, for example, company recruiters to run a seamless recruiting process using G Suites so that employers can recruit directly from Gmail or Hire, schedule interviews in Hire and track potential candidates. Emails will sync automatically in Gmail and Hire and interviews will automatically sync to Calendar. Magic!

Hire is a tool that can make the recruitment process less daunting. It allows recruiters to collaborate with their peers in choosing the best candidate possible as well as building strong relationships with them. As a bonus, the discovery feature on Hire also displays previous candidates that may have been overlooked and now may be suited for a different role. Hiring Managers who have never used Hire or an ATS can participate in a short training session and become proficient in little time with the app. Recruiting has never been easier and more efficient. What are you waiting for? You’re Hired.


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