Glassdoor Now in French and Internal Mobility at IKEA

Good news for Quebec and French-Canadian job seekers: is now offering its services in French.

Glassdoor is a particularly interesting website as it offers reviews from the employee’s perspective, inviting them to anonymously evaluate the companies they work for.

The site is a source of information for anyone wishing to explore the corporate culture of an organization, its management style, its strengths and its weaknesses.

The goal: “Getting to know a company before your next career move,” states the site.

It is also a great reference tool in comparing pays within a professional sector, based on years of experience and geographical location.


Internal mobility at Ikea

Ikea has launched ‘Talent Focus Week’, an annual event open to all employees. The event will last a full week and will be held in all Ikea branches in Canada and around the world.

The Swedish company aims to promote internal employee mobility: The purpose of IKEA Talent Focus Week is to inform and engage all co-workers about the many ways to grow at IKEA,” states the press release issued earlier this week.

“A career at IKEA is nothing traditional,” adds Stephen Bobko, Director of National Human Resources. “The possibilities are as varied as our employees. Workers can continue to progress in their current roles, or choose to gain additional skills by taking on other positions within the organization.”

With plans to double its presence in Canada over the next decade, IKEA aims to recruit over 4,000 new co-workers. This growth will open new positions which will help current employees grow within the company, management states.

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