Forty percent of Canadian workers often think of changing jobs

For a number of Canadian workers, 2015 will ring in new job prospects. These were the findings of a recent survey of the global workforce by the KGWI for Kelly Services. The study was conducted with 230,000 respondents from across America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, 12,000 of whom are in Canada.

With economic recovery on the horizon, Canadian workers are tempted to switch jobs. According to the survey, 40% of respondents see themselves looking for another job over the course of the next year. “An improving economy creates a greater feeling of optimism and a growing desire for many people to seek out new opportunities”, said Kristin Supancich, Vice-President of Kelly Services.

Income, the main motivation

In their search for a new job, 80% of Canadians are attracted by salary, benefits and other financial incentives. And two-thirds of respondents indicated that professional and personal life balance, opportunities for advancement and training/professional development programs are key factors. If they find a job that suits them, 66% of those surveyed say they are willing to relocate.

Job searching on social networks

Canadian workers are particularly fond of social networks for their job searches. Seventy-six percent confirmed using it to build their network. As well, 42% of them prefer social media for their job searches, compared to 34% of American workers, and 36% of workers from around the world.

Hiring processes to develop

During their last job application, 64% of Canadians who said they were dissatisfied with the hiring process gave up due to lack of clear communication. And only 53% of those surveyed indicated their current employer had procedures for welcoming and integrating them to the company during their hire.

According to the placement agency, employers that wish to keep their employees and attract new talent have every interest in evaluating their positioning with respect to recruitment in comparison with the competition.


Florence Risueño Faure


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