Fewer professional opportunities for women


According to a recent report by the Catalyst Group, women see their career blocked by the fact that they do not have as good access as men to high visibility positions or to experience abroad.

Once they graduate, women start their entire career at a lower level than men and receive a lower salary. And the gaps continue to grow throughout their career, a study from the Catalyst Group reveals, based on the responses of 1660 high potential alumni of business schools from between 1996 and 2007 in Asia, Canada, Europe and the United States.

In fact, during a career there are many opportunities to develop hierarchically, such as for example high visibility projects, critical assignments or experience abroad. However, women are offered these opportunities less frequently than men, men supervise larger staff and manage budgets in excess of 10 million dollars.


The same weapons with different results

According to the responses studied by Catalyst, it’s not a question of ambition, women are just as ready as men to advance their careers and use the same means as they do…  But not with the same results. For example, in the United States, with equal skills and position, they earn 77 cents for each dollar that a man earns. And 26% of women who would like to work abroad had the opportunity, compared to 35% of men who expressed the same wish.

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