Entering the work world – what do young people want?

Problems related to the move from school to the working world are not new. RBC has just published a white paper with proposals by young people to facilitate this transition, which companies could use to inspire themselves to attract new graduates. 

On the one hand are job seekers who have not found a job, while on the other hand are companies with a skills shortage. There is evidently a problem on the current job market, and RBC addresses the issue in a white paper. “RBC Career Launch Program: Recommendations for candidates to the RBC Career Launch Program to facilitate the school-work transition”. This is the title of the paper based on a study conducted with 1,350 new Canadian graduates.

The main finding is that most of them resent the classic difficulty of “no experience, no job”. They admit that it makes sense that their lack of relevant experience for the job interferes with their job search… But they emphasize that they will never be able to get out of this vicious circle if no one gives them a first opportunity!

Recommendations for young people

Those interviewed noted that they have to make efforts before entering the labour market, especially with professional guidance services and a better awareness of the skills sought by companies. In addition to this advice, they also believe that more collaboration between businesses, schools, governments and young people would help the school-work transition. More opportunities to acquire experience through apprenticeships would also be appreciated.

Their own efforts

Be warned – new graduates don’t place all the blame on employers and schools. They are also aware of their own responsibility and recommend that their peers do their best to acquire experience, such as by volunteering, but also to lower their expectations as needed, at least for their first job. Among their other recommendations, networking is also considered highly, along with efforts to be made in all directions. The white paper digs into these proposals and is intended to raise awareness with companies and students to the problems of the school-work transition and to solutions that could be implemented. 

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