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Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario
Year of creation: 1867
Business Type: Government
Sector of activity: politics

The House of Commons, also called the Lower House, is the Parliament and the Senate. It is made up of 338 elected deputies who participate in the creation of laws and ask the government to be accountable and make decisions for the country.

House Administration employees contribute to the House of Commons and Members of Parliament by providing them with the services, resources and advice they need to best serve as legislators and representatives. committees, caucuses, the Lower House, Parliament Hill or their constituency. All employees must meet the eligibility requirements in terms of age (16 years minimum), marital status (Canadian citizen or permanent resident or valid work permit) to the language requirements of the position.

Employees of the House of Commons Administration have differentiated benefits depending on their status. In addition to the health, dental and retirement plans, they benefit from flexible schedules, different types of leave (long illness, family obligations, personal reasons, etc.) and resources that promote well-being (eg .: conditioning activity) as well as the possibility of taking training courses and taking advantage of opportunities for advancement.

Corporate culture
The work of the employees of the House of Commons Administration is guided by various values ??such as respect for the democratic process, the balance between continuity and change (preserving traditions while serving the new needs of Members). professional excellence (ensuring effective, impartial and responsible support by adopting an ethical and honest attitude) as well as inclusiveness (valuing and respecting employees).

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