Government of Nunavut

Government of Nunavut jobs

Head office: Iqaluit (Nunavut)
Year of creation: 1999
Type of company: government 
Sector: federal agency

The government of Nunavut is in Canada’s largest and most northern territory, formed in 1999 when it officially separated from the Northwest Territories. It is the fifth largest country administrative division in the world by landmass. It has a population of approximately 36,000 people and is the second least populated area of Canada. The government possesses a one house Legislative Assembly and its members are elected individually. There are no parties and the legislative assembly is consensus- based. Its annual budget is nearly completely provided by the federal government.  The premier, or head of government, is chosen by, and from the legislative assembly. Nunavut also has a Commissioner whose role is symbolic and similar to that of Lieutenant-Governor. It elects one member, representing the whole territory, to the House of Commons of Canada. It has three official languages: the Inuit language, English and French, each with equal status.

The government of Nunavut is the largest employer in Nunavut. It has ten departments each headed by a minister. They are all located in the capital city of Iqaluit while decentralized offices are located in each of its three regions: Qikiqtaaluk, Kivallig, and Kitikmeot. Current job opportunities across the regions include building officials, family social service workers, accounts receivable clerks, community outreach workers and several others. 

Working environment
The government of Nunavut provides its employees with several benefits, including a very competitive salary, dental and medical insurance and a generous vacation package. As well, there is a northern remote living allowance that ranges from $15,000 to $34,000. There is also a maternity/parental leave and optional leave package available. 
Living conditions can be difficult because of the extreme cold of the Arctic and the long winters with little daylight. Travel can be challenging due to the isolation and remoteness of the communities. However, the landscape and wildlife viewing can be spectacular.

Corporate culture
The government of Nunavut believes in fostering youth development and furthering education. To that end, it hires secondary and post secondary students every summer for its Summer Student Employment Equity Program (SSEEP). The government believes in giving its students an opportunity to receive training and work experience within the Nunavut public service. Inuit students are given priority. It also supports community empowerment through partnerships with Inuit organizations, the private sector and the federal government.

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