Did you say “mistake”?

What could be more surprising than to receive, in your email inbox… a dismissal, which furthermore was not intended for you.

On Friday, April 20, 1300 employees of Aviva London had the nasty surprise of receiving a dismissal email advising them to leave the organization forthwith, submitting to the routine procedures: return their badge, sign confidentiality agreements, etc. Thirty minutes after noticing the mistake, Human Resources Management promptly sent all staff concerned their apologies… again by email.

True, to err is human and we can all make a typing mistake on our keyboard, but surely not such an error in judgment. Isn't it really Human Resources that thinks for the individual first in the company? Why then did this department not take the time to arrange a meeting to justify its decision, to discuss it with the person concerned? This person, even if at fault, has the right to a minimum of respect from their employer and it's not a good idea to hide behind the computer screen to avoid responsibilities.

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