Canada for Gender Equality at the G7

For its presidency of the G7, Canada has made gender equality a priority, particularly in the energy sector, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has designated gender equality and women’s empowerment as one of the main themes of the summit.

The Advisory Council on Gender Equality for the Canadian presidency of the G7 has identified several recommendations, including, among the stated objectives, safe, healthy, educated, heard and empowered girls and women, supported by the resources and opportunities they need to be drivers of change in their own lives and for a better world, and societies in which girls and women are represented on an equal footing in decision-making bodies and are sheltered from harassment and violence.

24% of women in energy

The energy sector in particular still has efforts to be made in terms of employment, since the workforce consists only 24% of women. The Women in Renewable Energy network held a discussion and networking event in early September, in particular to produce ideas to promote the presence of women in the sector and to bring down the barriers they face. On his occasion, the Parity By 30 campaign won two new members – the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Urban Transportation in Canada and the Ontario Waterpower Association.

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