BeforeWork: the trend to party before work!

Do you think that going out is only for after work? Think again: the new fashion is the morning party, just before going to work.


A trend from England, going out before work has adopted a simple credo: we partied, but healthily. The Morning Gloryville phenomenon, founded by Samantha Moyo and Nico Thoemmes, has already invaded Australia, Japan, the United States and a good part of Europe. The goal is to transform your mornings into a real event by offering activities from about 6am to 10am. Montreal has hosted the event several times since last February 5, with a barista to provide the necessary wake-up caffeine and a free wake-up massage station. Log on to Facebook to find out the next date!


No cocktails, but fruit juice, no poutine, but tea and chocolates, no evening wear, but sports clothes, or fancy dress for the more daring. Courses in dance, pilates and yoga are on the program for those who would like to try the experiment. Some come between history colleagues to strengthen professional ties, others prefer to take advantage of this time of relaxation personally before going to the office.


In this vein, there is nothing very different from yoga courses reserved for early risers. But the idea of presenting the initiative in the form of an outing could attract a wider audience: men and young people in particular will undoubtedly be inclined to plan to get up an hour earlier to go “partying” than to take the posture of a cobra.

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