Beat the competition with these 4 tricks in your job search

Convinced that you’re the ideal candidate for that coveted position? But you aren’t the only person being considered? How do you stand out from other candidates? Here are four effective ways to beat the competition.

1. Generate hype

Your CV is perfectly constructed, clean, and concise, but never attracts recruiters’ attention? It’s probably boring. If it’s too plain, it will drown in a pile of applications. It might be time to review your strategy and reflect on a creative way to present yourself. Get professional help to build an attractive and dynamic CV online. Illustrate your skills visually with the help of short videos and photographs, and show them concrete examples and feedback from clients or employers. Are you an expert in your field? Create a blog on the subject, share your knowledge on social networks, and participate in discussions—all while polishing your online profile. Regardless of what form your CV takes, it is important to present an immaculate professional image that, while staying essential, adds value to your experience, remains personal, and sets you apart from the competition.

2. Join the fray

If the digital world we inhabit requires developing and maintaining our online presence, than human encounters have never been more important. To make yourself known, remember to frequent the same places as businesses that fit your desired profile at conferences, happy hour meetings, and other not-to-be-missed events. Carry out your search and beat the competition with a pocketful of business cards. Acquaint yourself with your sector’s biggest players, discuss common interests, but do not try—no matter what—to slide them your business card. Instead, take advantage of these moments to tie up relationships and build your network. Consider collecting business cards from the people you meet because that will let you, once you’ve gone home, increase your online network and gain relevant information.

3. Make a good first impression

Has your CV attracted a recruiter’s attention? Congratulations! The process isn’t finished just yet; it’s still up to you to convince your point of contact that you are the best choice for the job. Like in all human encounters, the first impression is vital. This is why a minimum of preparation is necessary.

First of all, choose attire based on the company culture. We don’t dress the same way for an interview with an investment firm than with a marketing agency. Adapt your style accordingly while preserving your identity. Then, master your posture; your attitude speaks volumes about your personality and stress management. Act accordingly: speak in a mature manner while nourishing the conversation with questions, observe them, and take a few seconds to reflect on important questions. When you leave, calmly collect your things, say your farewells, and thank them before they slip away.

4. Demonstrate your interest

If the interview goes well and the job still interests you, take the time to officially thank them. Instead of sending a simple email, send them a few grateful words written by hand while reaffirming your interest in the position. This is also the time to mention some things that you didn’t discuss during the interview, by sharing, for example, a related article. If you don’t receive the news at the beginning of the week, take the initiative and follow up with them by phone. Don’t be too insistent, but show your determination.

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