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Autism Spectrum Disorder at Work

“Go ahead as you wish, I trust you, and give me a complete summary as soon as possible!” This assignment that would appeal to many workers would horrify most workers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When hiring one of these talents, what should you pay attention to for successful integration? “Successful integration is when you […]

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Job Interviews Trends in 2018 According to LinkedIn

Are structured hiring interviews still useful? According to the LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Trends 2018 report, they are still always or very frequently used (74%) and rated as fairly or very effective (88%). However, 56% of respondents are also of the opinion that it can be done “better”… How is the practice of the job interview […]


“Predictive” recruitment – is it science fiction?

What if it were possible to uncover just the right person for a job, one that will be a high performer, who will blend into the team as if she had always been a part of it and who will not jump overboard just two years later? Even better: what if their profile would appear to us without having to dig through hundreds of CVs? Welcome to the world of “predictive recruitment”.


A Review of Hirings and Layoffs for November 2015

An assessment of the companies that have hired and laid off employees during the month of November 2015.


A Review of Hirings and Layoffs for September 2015

Our monthly review of the companies that have hired and fired labour during the month of September.


How To Fail At Team Building

Many business leaders organize team building activities to consolidate team spirit within the company and improve performance... and it’s all wrong. Laurent Vorelli, HR Propulsion Director and specialist in organizing team building activities, shares the common mistakes to avoid.


Will Facebook enter the workplace?

It would seem Facebook is currently working on a version of Facebook for work, with features specifically designed for professional environments. Should LinkedIn be worried? And what can we expect? network