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Oddly enough

The Poker virus is winning over French recruiting operations

Forget poker’s bad reputation! The popular U.S. card game is taking off in France, where it has morphed into a recruiting tool.


Keys to effective, innovative recruiting

A Caribbean trip for all L-IPSE employees, a lip dub seen worldwide for Sacré-Cœur hospital in Montreal, an employee referral program for RBC. While the actions taken differ, they also have a number of points in common.


“New technologies have revolutionized our methods”

Johanne Berry, founder of recruiting firm Tele-Ressources Staffing Resources Ltd. Johanne Berry founded Tele-Ressources in 1985. At the time, the staffing firms industry was in its infancy. How has this market changed over the past 25 years?


New Technologies have Revolutionized our Recruitment Methods

Johanne Berry founded Tele-Ressources in 1985. At the time, the staffing firms industry was in its infancy. How has this market changed over the past 25 years? The former Chair and spokesperson for the executive board of the Quebec division of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) shares the fruit of her vast […]


“2010 will be the year of optimism,” Marie Pinsonneault, Senior Partner, Hewitt & Associates

What were the lessons learned in 2009? Which major issues will human resources face in 2010? Marie Pinsonneault, Senior Partner in the Montreal office of Hewitt & Associates gives us her take.


« Some HR people feel isolated with respect to the H1N1 issue. They shouldn’t ! »

How should organizations be reacting to H1N1 flu? What is the role of human resources in this problem? Lisa Bull, Manager, Training and Communications, LifeWorks at human resources consulting firm Ceridian Canada, shares with us her take and recommendations on these issues.


Telling your story

Every organization has its story, milestones, anecdotes, ups and downs, as well as its values and culture. These elements are part and parcel of the institutional brand, and also serve to develop the employer brand.


You should change posture for ten minutes every hour, Patrick Vincent, Vincent Ergonomie

Bad posture at work and its unfortunate consequences is something that Patrick Vincent is thoroughly familiar with...


E-learning, still an abstract notion in Canada

Based on various studies, Canada is wired, but as regards the use of these new tools, the country is lagging, particularly in the area of e-learning.


Building pre-retiree loyalty

Today, few companies feel the need to build the loyalty of employees at the end of their careers. And yet, with a growing shortage of candidates, retaining pre-retirees is shaping up to be a challenge in the long term. Here are a few tips on tackling this big issue.


HR: a key function for getting through the crisis

Confidence, dialogue and listening were the operative words at the recent seminar organized by the CHRA. The theme was the economic crisis and the key role HR professionals can play.


Success of StationM, the social network for McDonald’s crew

This spring, the global fast food leader launched StationM, a Web platform entirely for its employees... network