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4 Best Practices to Promote Diversity 

Diversity and inclusion are recognized today as being drivers of performance and competitiveness. Here are 4 best practices to promote diversity. 1. Stop making it an option According to the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), there is no doubt that the global competitiveness of Canadian companies depends on the variety of ideas and the […]


National Workforce Strategy – Reactions

At the end of May, the Quebec government presented its 2018-2023 National Workforce Strategy (NWS): 47 assorted measures with a budget envelope of $1.3 billion over 5 years. How has it been received by the province’s main organizations and associations?  Employers associations and unions were able to reiterate the urgency of taking action and as […]

Career management

The Key Skills of Good Managers

Being a “good” manager depends on criteria specific to each company, such as its strategy and objectives. Aside from these contextual factors, there are however several “universal” skills that are essential to any talented manager. Here are the 3 main ones. Learning agility According to André Camiré, senior partner of Camiré and Associates Inc., a […]

Rights and labour standards

SME – Do you have a policy against harassment and violence?

According to a Léger survey in October 2017, close to one women out of two in Quebec have been sexually harassed, 40% of them at work. The recent public denunciations of sexual harassment have accentuated the need to combat this problem, especially in the professional environment. Under the recently-adopted Bill C-65, all employers are obliged […]

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After Sending your CV, Should you Follow up?

Wait quietly for the recruiter’s call or go a step ahead of the news? Following up your application is often highly recommended, provided you do it right. Explanations and advice from an expert. According to Mélanie Hébert, employment consultant at Orienthèque, the first step is to check that your file has been received. “This confirmation […]

Company life

The art of welcoming a new employee

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cost much to give new employees a quality welcome and it must be an integral part of the strategies for their attraction and retention. What are the conditions for success? Many companies don’t give thought to onboarding of their new employees. “There are many who still view welcoming as […]

Company life

6 Tips to Concentrate Successfully in an Open Area Environment

Colleagues who are loud, laughing and talking out loud, continuous movements and visual distractions, lack of intimacy… working in an open area is sometimes a real ordeal. Here are some tips to concentrate successfully in an open area environment. 1. Think collectively An initial solution to find an optimal work environment consists of proposing an informal […]

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Should Graduates Prefer SMEs or Large Companies?

For many graduates, wondering about what type of organization they would like to work in still seems to be a minor issue. Yet the daily working life in a SME generally is completely unrelated to that in a multinational. How are you to choose the type of organization that suits you best? Each type of […]

Rights and labour standards

Do your employees suffer from Friday-itis?

Have you heard about Friday-itis, the significant drop in motivation and concentration seen on Fridays among many workers who look forward to their weekend days off but a day in advance? Almost every employee has at some point experienced the need to legitimately take an unplanned day off for rest, for the sake of his […] network