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Pay and benefits

Salary – Tips on How to Talk About It With Your Boss

Does the prospect of talking about salary with your superior keep you awake at night? If you are well prepared for this conversation, there is no reason to worry about it. Here are some tips for a successful interview. According to John Meese, director at BambooHR, you should not be afraid to talk about money […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – September 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in September 2019. Hirings Amazon has announced plans to open a new order processing center in Scarborough, Ontario. The one million square foot warehouse, heavily robotic, will still need to hire no less than 600 new full-time employees. This will […]



Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in June 2019. HIRINGS Based in Saskatoon, technology firm Vendasta has secured a $ 40 million investment from private equity funds, which will allow it to hire 350 new employees by the end of 2022. The Recruitment Process is already […]



  Here is a review of the companies that have announced hirings and layoffs during June 2018. HIRINGS After the lifting of the moratorium that froze hiring at the Estrie University Center for Integrated Health and Social Services – Sherbrooke University Hospital (CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS), close to 350 positions will be posted in […]

By the numbers

23% of Canadian employees do not claim reimbursement of their expense reports

Employees frequently incur work-related expenses. Although they are quickly reimbursed, a portion of them do not claim all the amounts they have advanced. This is what is found in a study published by Unit4, a company offering business solutions, conducted among 2,000 mid and top level managers in 9 countries including Canada.

Good to know

Do the incentives and rewards that you offer your employees actually motivate them?

Berkeley Payment Solutions reveals in its latest study on Canadian employee recognition programs that there is a real gap between the rewards offered by companies and what employees really expect.


The Ontario Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) is leaving the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations.

Membership by the Ontario Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) in the CCHRA, in effect since 1994, will be coming to an end on June 30.


List of the most attractive Canadian cities for jobs

The BMO study on the attractiveness of Canadian cities in terms of the job market shows that the West of the country is in the lead.


Are tomorrow’s talents to be found in the MOOCs?

An acronym for Massively Open Online Course, MOOCs today include no less than 4 million records located in over 200 countries.   

Oddly enough

When eccentricity pays!

Would you like to earn a living without sitting for eight hours a day behind a desk, practising an unusual profession? It can be done. 

Call to order

Three quarters of Canadians in favour of public health programs in the workplace

In its recent survey, Sanofi Canada spotlights many of Canadian workers’ expectations for health care: employer support, health promotion programs and workplace prevention actions.

Call to order

Deloitte study about increasing opportunities for Aboriginal people in the workplace

  The Deloitte study Widening the circle: Increasing opportunities for Aboriginal people in the workplace, released last week, makes 10 recommendations to facilitate integration of Aboriginal people into the company. network