Articles by Nicole Duncan


How Much Do You Make?

Ah the dreaded salary question; a necessary evil in any recruitment process … but what if that was all about to change?


To thank or not to thank – That is the question

As an executive search consultant, I spend the majority of my day talking to people. After conducting countless interviews, I’ve begun to notice how shockingly low the thank-you rate is. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so taken aback, as yes, I’ve actively approached these candidates and yes, many of them are senior level executives – but perhaps these are just excuses. In my opinion, the thank-you note is a much more powerful tool than candidates and recruiters give it credit for. 


Headhunting’s New Recruit: The Millennial

Executive search is often shrouded in secrecy; for those outside the industry, its inner workings are left to much supposition. Working behind the scenes, executive search consultants are the movers and shakers of recruitment. Although arguably as interesting, diverse, challenging and lucrative as consulting in any other domain – executive search is a career path rarely publicized or promoted in mainstream avenues. network