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Company life

A Call Centre Telecommute Job is Now Possible!

To attract and retain employees, call centres are modernizing and even offering telecommuting… under certain conditions. The image of small cubicles in a windowless call centre room is changing. These conditions were certainly not unrelated to the high turnover rate of the industry (the average employment duration is one year). With competition, employers had a […]

Jobs search

How to Search for an International Job?

Do you want to work in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora? Here are some tips to search for an international job.   The first question is, is it the same sending your CV here or elsewhere? The answer is yes. “The format for CVs is pretty standard, no matter which country you are in,” says […]

Career management

Do We Still Need a Career Plan Nowadays?

Do we still need a career plan nowadays? The days when we spent 30 years of our life working for a single company are over. It is estimated that an individual will change employer at least five times during his career. So what is the point of a career plan? Stability and a linear professional […]

Good to know

The Case of Boomerang employees

They have previously been part of the company, they quit and now they want to come back – we call them “boomerang” employees. Should we hire them... again?

Job advice

Need career advice? Don’t depend on your friends

“It’s okay to lie on your CV, no one reads them anyway.” This is an example of one of the worst pieces of career advice that workers reported when interviewed by an independent survey firm. This survey, conducted on behalf of Accountemps, got responses from more than 400 Canadians aged 18 or older and who […]

Jobs search

Is a presentation letter really necessary?

These days, the presentation letter is rarely read by recruiters. How can you stand out?  First, it must be borne in mind that there are several types of recruiters. “There are professional recruiters who work for an agency, and there are managers who have to do it on an ad hoc basis in their company,” […]


The art of adding emotion to your job offers

Companies must adapt to a new generation of workers, especially the millennials. These are no longer seeking a job with a list of tasks to be accomplished. They want engagement, a life experience. How do you trim your job offer to speak to their head... as well as to their heart?


Your employees are your best recruiters

In order to hire in a more targeted manner, some employers ask their best employees to become recruiters. This type of approach encourages employees to contribute to enriching the team in place and increases their involvement within the company. network