Articles by Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours

Rights and labour standards

Employers: How to Enable the Right to Disconnect

The right to disconnect is a very current issue in the workplace. Although employees feel a certain pressure to stay “hooked” to their electronic devices even after work hours, companies can implement practices that help disconnect. In Quebec there is no law governing not being connected to work after office hours, although the issue is […]


Ways to Give Meaning to Work

Generation Y workers want a “meaningful” job. As an HR professional, how do you instill meaning into work? Find the best practices to give meaning to work.  Reigniting the flame Having a meaningful job is an increasingly important concern for workers. How do you ensure, as a manager, that employees feel motivated and involved in […]

Company life

Reinvent Your Meetings!

The culture of the meeting is a tradition within most companies. Often necessary for better communication, team meetings can be long, painful and ineffective, however. But to make them more dynamic, several techniques have been developed to renew the classic meeting. Here are some examples. The stand-up meeting As its name indicated, the stand-up meeting […] network