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Passion at work: a side effect instead of a prerequisite.

We are not born passionate about our work, we become passionate. This idea is countercurrent to our current time’s message “follow your passion” that is posted everywhere from Facebook pages to blogs. But, passion is not the inevitable starting point of professional achievement. Shake up the myth that passion at work makes us happy. This […]

Company life

How to successfully return to work in the professional world

The return to work after having taken parental leave, sick leave, a yearlong sabbatical, or a long trip, can sometimes be as exciting as it is frightening. Here are two experts who share their advice on seamlessly reintegrating back into the professional world. Whether an intentional or unintentional interruption, when the time comes to step […]


Social Responsibility Policies: Beyond The Rhetoric

Organizations with a social responsibility policy are often more attractive in the eyes of their customers, suppliers and employees. As a bonus, they are also in the government’s good graces.

By the numbers

LinkedIn Report 2015: Recruitment Viewed Through Talent

LinkedIn has published its second annual report for human resources professionals. The North American part of the study, conducted among 1,600 people, allows for a better understanding of how talent perceives the job search as a whole.


Is Fitbit Making Employees More Productive?

In an era of mobile technology, employers will provide their teams with devices tracking their levels of physical activity, including recording the number of steps taken daily. One way to encourage a more active lifestyle but also enhance employee productivity and team cohesion.


The Many Faces of Cyberbullying at Work

Young people are not the only victims of social media’s hurtful words. Virtual violence also affects employees. An emerging reality which managers must adapt to.


Building a Multigenerational Team: More Yes Than No

Baby boomers, Gen X, Y and now Z. They are now four generations that coexist within companies. A challenge for managers who have to oversee employees all with very different values. But this new reality is also a chance to go further, together.  


Managing Remote Employees

It reduces stress, there’s no lost time in commuting, and it makes for a better work-life balance. Telework is a booming trend amongst employees. But managers sometimes have some trouble adjusting to this new reality. Effectively managing remote employees is, however, possible!


Which Questions To Ask When Checking References?

Recruiting the wrong person is costly to any business. Checking references is crucial for increasing your chances of finding the best candidate.


The Art of Resolving Conflict

The workplace is sometimes host to considerable tension among employees, an often-difficult situation for superiors to manage. Jacynthe Dicaire, CHRA and member of the Quebec Institute of Mediation and Arbitration, offers us solutions to regaining that healthy work environment.


Talent Acquisition, The LinkedIn Way

The networking company LinkedIn has acquired Toronto-based startup Careerify. Launched in 2009, Careerify has developed software that focuses on employee social network contacts to help professionals find that rare gem. A technological solution that combines the advantages of referal programs with those of Big Data.

Good to know

Customizing Manager-Employee Relationships

Managing all employees in the same way can satisfy equal treatment policies in the workplace. Yet, that does nothing for employee’s well-being or performance. The solution? Adopting an individualized leadership rapport to contribute to organizational success and the retention of workers.

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