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Call to order

When can an employer require an alcohol screening test?

If there is no provision in the collective agreement, an employer may not unilaterally impose a mandatory, random and unannounced alcohol screening test. This is the decision just rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada in Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 30 vs. Irving Pulp & Paper.

By the numbers

Salary equity in Quebec: 10 years later

It was planned that way from the beginning: ten years after the passing of the Pay Equity Act, the Minister of Labour in Quebec was to present a report evaluating its implementation to the National Assembly. This was done on November 21, 2006.

Call to order

Job stress and health

According to Statistics Canada, eight per cent of Canadian workers are not very or not at all satisfied with their jobs...

Call to order

The wealth is there, so when will it be shared?

Wealth is now created, but in Canada, a larger share is going to profits than to salaries...


Internal mobility: a skills management issue

The retirement of the baby boomers is near. The oldest among them are reaching 60. In several sectors, there will not be enough youths to take impending shortage. Internal mobility constitutes a way of satisfying this shortage.

Call to order

Stop psychological harassment before it spreads

Since the section relating to psychological harassment came into effect in the Law on work norms in June 2004, around 5000 non-unionized Quebecer workers, especially women, brought claims before the work norms Commission.


Blogs: future tool for recruitment?

A new phenomenon, but more well-known in Europe and the US, work-related blogs are in their first steps here. The Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki, counts a weak 4.4% (22 out of 400) of Fortune 500 companies having a blog available to the public.

Rights and labour standards

Is there racism in Canadian recruitment ?

Racism in Canadian recruitment. Have employers demonstrated racism in recruitment? It seems so according to a study published February 22 2006 by the Canadian Labour Congress. The author, Leslie Cheung, is a third year student in public policy at Simon Fraser University. “Lower incomes, higher unemployment and precarious work status are prevalent for visible minorities […]


Pay equity

November 21 marks an important date for salary equity. In principal, from now on women will earn an equal salary for an equivalent job.

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More targeted training needs in IT

according to IDC Canada consulting report, Perspectives pour 2005 : Réinvestissement et rationalisation: les compétences en TI les plus en demande par les entreprises canadiennes en 2005


Generation Y is coming!

Generation Y is entering the workforce, bringing with it a knowledge of new technologies, creativity, optimism, awareness of what it wants and how to get it. network