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As we head back to school and as the shadow of a second wave of COVID-19 hangs over the country, the economy continues to recover. Here’s how it looks for the job market in September, with numbers to back it up. Some 246,000 jobs were created last month, according to Statistics Canada’s most recent Labor […]


Four tips for adapting to the gig economy

According to some observers, the number of jobs linked to the gig economy – “the economy of odd jobs” or “work on demand” – is likely to increase due to the health crisis. While up to now, this type of job was more a matter of choice, the pandemic seems to have led the job […]

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When artificial intelligence facilitates recruitment on LinkedIn

While researchers have been interested for several years in the field of personality detection on the internet, Frédéric Piedbœuf is the first to demonstrate that this is also possible on a professional platform like LinkedIn. The doctoral student at the Université de Montreal (UdeM) has developed an algorithmic method capable of detecting certain character traits […]

Career management

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Burning Your Bridges

A survey conducted by the Robert Half firm revealed that the context of the pandemic has led nearly half of Canadians (47%) to call their career into question. Here are some avenues for reflection to analyze before making the leap. What do I want from my career? According to Jean-Claude Laurin, workplace and organizational psychologist, […]


As the unemployment rate rises, many workers are having to look for a new job. How can you stand out from other candidates?

With the COVID-19 crisis, there are two job markets, observes Michael O’Leary, regional vice-president of Robert Half in Montreal, a recruitment firm. The first is the conventional market where employers post their needs and look for personnel. Then there is a second market, where organizations are prepared to supplement their staff with workers who would […]


Organizing recruitment remotely during the pandemic

While physical distancing principles remain in place, what is the best way to plan new hires without necessarily meeting candidates in person? A recruitment specialist suggests a few avenues to recruit successfully, even remotely. In these times when handshakes are prohibited, it is still possible to continue most hiring processes, Marie-Josée Carmel, CHRP and partner […]

Company life

Potential solutions for better integration of neuro-atypical employees

More and more people with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are claiming their place on the job market. As employers, how are they to be brought on board? Marie-Ève Cantin, an educational specialist and one of the initiators of the L’Aut’Lieu project, offers some ideas. Today, accessibility often comes down to […]


IT: Four questions you could be asked in an interview

Recruiters say it and repeat it: serious preparation leads to the best job interviews. Here are some draft answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for IT candidates. Take notes! 1. Tell me about a project that you recently improved in terms of quality, speed or efficiency. What did you learn during the […] network