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Lights on The Passive Job Search

The hours tick by on the clock in your office. Again today you felt like you were dying slowly. You cannot keep on with this job, but you don’t have the finances to quit without having a Plan B. How do you discretely search for a new job? Lights on the passive job search. According […]

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Is Friendship at Work Good for Productivity?

Friends make us happy, of course, but is friendship at work good for productivity? According to an Accountemps survey of Canadian employees, 61% of participants felt that their productivity was better when they had friends among their colleagues. Various psychological and managerial explanations can explain these results. According to the results of a second survey […]

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Are Temporary Jobs a Quick Solution to Escape Unemployment?

Some see it as a stepping stone, others as a lifeline. Temporary jobs vary in type and number, but there remains a reality: whether to bounce between two jobs, give meaning to your life or get out of a bad situation, they are still a sensible solution to get a foot in the door of […]


Job Dating? A Trendy Recruitment Technique

On the same principle as speed dating, recruiters meet candidates for a limited time. It’s a hiring tactic that is increasingly popular in Quebec, with some businesses organizing it regularly! To increase productivity, what could be better than a recruitment technique that works at great speed? By adopting the technique of speed dating – a […]


Resume tips: What your hobbies say about you

At the end of your resume or LinkedIn summary, mention that you practise yoga or are a passionate photographer. It gives the recruiter a sense of the kind of person you are. But this information speaks more about your personality than you know. Put hobbies on your resume? Pfff, many agree that this is the first […]


Managing Employees Who Don’t Get Along

Having two employees who cannot stand one another is a real challenge for any manager who has goals to meet. Here are some tricks to help restore communication channels for a well-functioning team.


7 Ways of Identifying a High Achiever

High achiever: A well-known expression used among human resources experts seeking employees with only the best potential. Seven ways of recognizing that prospect during an interview.

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Sick Days: When It’s Just Too Much

Absenteeism is costly. According to the Conference Board of Canada, the Canadian economy lost $16.6 billion in 2012 as a direct result of absent employees.

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What’s The Role of an Organizational Psychologist?

 One might compare them to high-level sports coaches. They encourage, guide, constructively criticize, etc. Their athlete is the employee, the officer, the CEO, and the organization’s development is the gold medal they seek.


Goodbye Hierarchy, Hello Holacracy!

No more job titles, no more managers, no more hierarchical pyramid. Instead, holacracy, a new management trend, offers a transparent structure in the form of grouped circles each with different functions.


The Job Seeker’s Resolutions for 2015

New year, new resolutions! When you are looking for a job, it is good to be reminded of some basic principles to put the odds on your side. CVs, interviews, networking… we aren’t neglecting any aspects in 2015! network