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Telecommuting, is it win-win?

Widely appreciated by Canadian workers, telecommuting is making its mark at the core of business operations as new technologies are gaining ground. But are companies only gaining from it or are there also risks of loss? Focus on the main advantages and disadvantages to opt for in remote working.

Good to know

Personal devices at work: far from being a problem for businesses

Half of Canadian companies say that their employees use a personal cell phone and/or tablet at work. This is an advantage in the eyes of executives if we are to believe the recent study by Avanade, global integrator of technological solutions. 


Have companies become different from the crisis?

  Widespread use of part time work, resultant reduced wages, reduction of overtime... The crisis hit companies and forced them to change their organizational structure and general operation. Spotlight on changes in size that may well ultimately prove to be beneficial.

Call to order

Too much overtime?

  Projects to complete, demands for customer deliveries, reduced workforce during holiday periods... There are many motivations to accumulate overtime hours. However, be careful not to abuse them! Subject to regulation, overtime hours are sometimes practised a little too freely by companies on the edge being legal. And employees are not fooled, according to a study by the Kronos Institute.


Multinationals that are good to work for

NetApp, SAS, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, Mariott or even FedEx… Some large companies are distinguished by offering their employees well-regarded working conditions. This commendable feature is highlighted each year by the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” ranking.

Good to know

More than 20% of senior executives are preparing to retire

60% of senior executives currently on the job are between 50 and 59 years old. It is essential to be reconciled with the fact that while the time of their promised retirement is soon to arrive, by the admission of these soon-to-retire fifty-year-olds, the next generation is not ready to take over.

By the numbers

4 Canadians out of ten overqualified for their job

  Are Canadians too highly skilled? For 44% of them, their job is below their skill level, according to a recent Randstad survey.


Economic and financial prospects: growth, with moderation

European crisis, halt in China, gloom in the United States...  Although the Canadian GDP continues to grow in these troubled times for the global economy, prospects for growth are now revised downward, according to the RBC Provincial Economic and Financial Outlook.  And significant provincial disparities continue to emerge.  

Call to order

Senior management positions hard to access for Canadian women

Reconciling work and family life, throwbacks to another time, lack of education and limited opportunities... Women’s career ambitions are still complicated to implement, Randstad Canada points out in a study.


Recruitment: modest outlook for this quarter

In this last quarter of 2012, provincial disparities and significant differences, depending on the business sector, explain a modest hiring climate and a Net Employment Outlook of 10% across the county.


For business, it’s also back to work

Get out your pens, binders and notebooks! The bell has also rung in HR departments. Time to return to business and good resolutions to benefit from the summer rest just ended. Reviewing rules for initiatives, requirements and other good ideas to put in place for good management of HR in September.  

By the numbers

82% of Canadian men want to start their own business

Wanting to be in charge and make use of their skills are ideas that vary between coming into being or simply a fantasy of the day... One thing is for sure, whether they actually do so or not, many Canadians share the desire to try their hand at it. An energy that is good for the economy.

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