Will art and an attractive environment keep staff in the office?

Hybrid work locations, prevalent since the pandemic, have motivated many businesses to rethink the layout of their office space. Could more beautiful workspaces with the accent on art encourage employees to favour working in the office? 

Since the start of the health crisis, many people employed in companies have deserted workplaces to work from home. Now many employers are trying to make them want to come back to the office. Comfortable furniture, all kinds of plants, rest or play areas – work environments are getting a makeover to upgrade the well-being of onsite teams. Numerous studies have shown that exposure to “beauty”, especially through art therapy, contributes to a more increased production of dopamine in the brain, thus increasing happiness.

More motivated and happier

For French workspace design agency ‘Atome Black’, artwork is an interesting way to make workplaces more attractive and inspiring. The company, which includes a team of architects and interior designers, notes that art used for decoration in offices adds an aesthetic dimension to the office space while increasing motivation of staff members. Thus art brings a more human and lively side to work environments, which fosters team progress.

Employees can also discuss the artwork in their workplace, which encourages dialogue between colleagues and the sharing of emotions. The employer can also include them in the selection of pieces and their location. This increases enjoyment and creativity, while adding to a sense of being part of the company. At break time, people can contemplate art while they enjoy moments of reflection and calm. So there would be many benefits!

Art in line with the corporate image.

Founded in Montreal, the Gallea online art gallery uses this artistic approach and offers a tailor-made service for the installation of works of art in business offices. Businesses can choose from a huge selection of designs online, and have the option to renew pieces after four months of display. Gallea takes the approach of consistency between a company’s culture and the art chosen for its work environment, and the workspace becomes an inspiring “art gallery” for workers. This concept also encourages artists from here and abroad by offering them good visibility. 

Clients of the company, including Demers Beaulne, Behavior Interactif or Cain Lamarre, have recently organized exhibitions in their workspace. These benefit not only staff members, but also customers who visit the offices on business.

So, art would probably boost well-being at work, plus it would motivate workers to want to spend more time there!

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