Apprenticeship works: Build on it!—the new CAF database


Canadian employers no longer have an excuse for doing poorly as regards apprenticeships. In June, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) launched a new database called , intended to help employers recruit and retain their apprentices.

The database features some 50 resources, guides, courses, workshops and a toolkit including the following:

  • Information on the value of apprenticeship training
  • Recruiting tips and interview guides
  • Handbooks on how to implement one’s own mentoring program
  • Tools for identifying skills gaps
  • Worksheets that track apprentices’ progress and development

To find relevant information, employers select their industry category, province or territory and category of their choice: Foundation, Recruiting, Mentoring, Identifying gaps and Tracking progress

The Foundation tab discusses the positive returns of apprenticeship training as part of a recruiting strategy. Recruiting provides various tips on attracting and retaining the best candidates (providing accurate job descriptions, showing possible career paths, offering support programs, etc.). Mentoring addresses the implementation of effective mentoring programs to allow apprentices to develop skills and be a part of the team. Identifying gaps is designed to help employers quickly identify specific gaps as well as areas of strength with respect to apprentices’ skills, and includes assessment tools, learning exercises and training supports. Finally, Tracking progress provides tools for maximizing the positive effects of training (e.g. gathering feedback from apprentices, setting training goals).

According to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, hiring apprentices results in the reduced risk of skills shortages, better relationships with customers, improved health and safety performance, and greater overall productivity.

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