November 2018 Appointments in Quebec

Odile Fortin @Alithya

Odile Fortin has been hired on as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Alithya in Montreal.

Amély Sévigny @Amilia

After working at Pratt & Whitney Canada, Amély Sévigny has taken on the responsibilities of Human Resources Coordinator at Amilia in Montreal.

Cindy Bellenoue @Technicolor

Cindy Bellenoue is moving from LINKBYNET. Startning now, she will start working as HR Operation Assistant at Technicolor in Montreal.

Julien Zuili @Korpower Inc

Julien Zuili is taking up the role of President & CEO at Korpower Inc in Montreal.

Thierry Faure @Boyden

Thierry Faure was hired by Boyden as a Senior Associate in Montreal. Up to now, he had been employed as a Director.

Alexander Voinerchuk @Cogeco Connexion

Alexander Voinerchuk joined Cogeco Connexion as a Conseiller en acquisition de talents | Talent Acquisition Advisor in Montreal. He previously worked as a HR Business Partner/Talent Acquisition Specialist at Intelerad Medical Systems.

Amina Sedik @DAVIDsTEA

After working at Electronic Arts (EA), Amina Sedik is taking on the responsibilities of Human Resources Coordinator at DAVIDsTEA in Montreal. network