82% of Canadian men want to start their own business

82% of Canadian men want to start their own business
Wanting to be in charge and make use of their skills are ideas that vary between coming into being or simply a fantasy of the day… One thing is for sure, whether they actually do so or not, many Canadians share the desire to try their hand at it. An energy that is good for the economy.
Canadians, entrepreneurs? A study published by the BMO Bank of Montreal seems to demonstrate it very clearly: more than 82% of men surveyed said they were indeed ready to seize the opportunity to become their own boss.
What is the key to success or the catalyst that allows this desire to be transformed into reality? A meeting with a mentor who has already fulfilled the wish to undertake it and shows, through their journey, the path of possible success. For more than eight men out of ten, among the 1,523 people interviewed in the survey, the model figure, an accomplished entrepreneur and head of a thriving business, is indeed a catalyst.
Good news for the economy
While good encounters are sometimes lacking and wishful thinking is not always enough to launch creation of their own business, many Canadians take action nonetheless. This is good news for the economy – small and new businesses each year constitute one third of the annual GDP. Even better, the most recent, full of drive and energy, often appear to be among the most productive Canadian enterprises. Sources of innovation, these young businesses catalyze social and societal progress, encourage new commercial and industrial initiatives and propose models of progress in terms of development, operation and services.
Entrepreneurship in all sectors
According to respondents, the most popular sectors are food and hospitality, attracting some 14% of the poll. These are followed by the fields of arts, entertainment and performances, for over 12% of budding entrepreneurs, both sexes combined. Then comes retailing and services, for over 10% of those surveyed; business for 9% of respondents; then social and health services for some 8% of candidates for starting a business.
Differences also emerge between provinces: while residents of the Atlantic provinces and Ontario seem to prefer, at 15% and 11% respectively, retail and service businesses, Quebecers overwhelmingly are attracted to the restaurant and hospitality sector, confirmed by the 18% of positive responses.
It remains to be seen if the data collected today by the BMO Bank of Montreal study will find a (happy) accomplishment in the future.

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